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Offering fast and reliable Wireless Internet and Phone Service

Internet Packages

Gold 1

This “Best Value” package is for customers who take advantage of more interactive web browsing, bidding (eg. Ebay) and faster graphics downloads. Download stream speeds up to 1 Meg and upload up to 512 Kbps

Gold 3

This package helps yourNeed for Speed! With the fastest upload/download speeds available through NKTelco Wireless. Try our Gold 3 package today! Download stream speed up to 3 Meg and upload up to 512K.

Gold 2

This “Ultimate” package is for the customer who wants to upload/download files at a faster rate, but still at a comfortable prices.Download stream speed up to 2 Meg and upload up to 512K.


Phone Packages

Basic Package

This package is designed for our customers that just want local service without all of the “hoopla.” As a subscriber to our high-speed internet service, we offer unlimited local calling and 911 service.

Wireless Long Distance Package

NKTelco Wireless offers long distance plans to fit your needs. Try either our 8 cent per minute Ala Carte plan for a “pay as you call” or our unlimited calling Mega Plan for only.

Enhanced Package

Need to know who is calling, when they called and why they called? Then our “Enhanced Service” is for you! Our package includes Caller ID, Call Waiting, Caller ID on Call Waiting and Voicemail. Enjoy all of these great services when you subscribe to our high-speed internet service.